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i La belle est la bte
(The Beauty is the Beast)
Stele of Revealing in Damp Orangina
ii Horn. & .hole.
as Aleister Crowl.
iii Holy as Crowley
a Liber Legis MahaMantras
Words & Voice of Aleister Crowley
b The (3* 31) 93 Mantras
c The (3* 31) 93 Spells
d The Therion I-Ching 
1-3 Three Cyber Rap Sessions
4 To The American People
(That American Thing (T.A.T.))

Dedicated to further the lyrickal work of three times great (and greater still) poet Edward Alexander Crowley (1875-1947 e.v.), known in the grey land as Aleister Crowley, the great wild beast, To Mega Therion, Logos, the chosen priest and apostle of infinite space, the Prince-priest the Beast. in short -: 'Unca Al' & 'A.C.' 

blessing & worship to the prophet of the lovely Star!