The Aim of BeastBand






The aim of BeastBand

Dedicated to further the poetick works of the late
(so said) three times great (and greater still) writer
Edward Alexander Crowley, known in the grey land as: Aleister Crowley, the Great Wild Beast, To Mega Therion, Logos, the chosen priest and apostle of infinite space, the Prince-priest the Beast - in short: unca al

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BeastBand aim to reproduce the 'Words & Voice' of Mr. Crowley in any rather all known musical styles and media, and create understanding of what real, classic, high-brow poetry, metrics, rhyme and art-study traditional "state of the art" demands, and on this basis make it clear, to everyone willing and able to understand art this far, how great and illustriously the poetry of Mr. Crowley stands in English Literary History.

    O mother Mary, from Thy soul
      Distil the balm to make me whole;
  And when the dreary days are done
      Lead up my spirit to Thy Son!

Last verse of  
"Amphora Book 1, ii"

   O rapture! O glory! O gladness!
      When Satan is fled from the land,
   When Christ cleanses sins and from madness
      Deletes is indelible brand

Last verse of 
"The Rainbow"
 in White Stains p. 18ff

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Aleister Crowley with

Per Olsen, Morten Holm,
Martin Krogh-Poulsen, Lone Pilegaard Hansen, &.c
Good spirits:
Pelle Bull, Rasmus Broberg Hansen
& HymenŠus Thau

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