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Old Scandinavian Gods - The Greatest of them all
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'Eddagal' - a composite homemade word coined by Stig Agermose and Per Olsen - comes from the old Norse word: 'odrie' - by time turned into 'Edda' the name of the old Norse myths and poetic manifestations of our gods and 'galdr' a word-root with many meanings. 

Here mostly as: singing, song, enchantment, spell. - 

So Eddagal comes over in English in such paraphrases as: Edda-Spell, Edda-Song, Edda-Magic.



Old Scandinavian Gods - The Greatest of them all

Actually you all adore our gods (if you speak English): when mentioning the week-days in English and when fighting for central concepts such as 'Freedom' - 'Free' comes from the name of *Frey* the prince of the gods. In his name as god of youth and fertility you know him as 'Ing' - they guy the like over in 'England'.

The weekdays: Monday (Mani god of the moon), Tuesday (Tyr god of justice and battle) Wednesday (Wotan/Odin father of the gods), Thursday (Tor god of human-generations and war against evil), Friday (They say after Freya goddess of love, sister of Frey), Saturday (well, here English changed to the south-European model (Saturn) we still use 'Lørdag' (the day of Laufey, the washing-day of Loki, the rather evil one (but not totally evil as with Satan, Iblish, Mara &.c.)) - and of course Our Lady: Sunday (Sunna, goddess of the sun).

This site comes on your screen as private, non-dependent, self-financed and non-proselyting. - but we do adhere to the old traditions of our ancestors, not just the Vikings (so popular these years of market-expansion, competition, wealth-mongering and other low-spiritual stupidities) but our early Christian fathers as well as the real good ones back in the ice-ages, stone-age and bronze-age...


The Northern Tradition

You wont believe this - but in our tradition we remember so much longer back than anyone else and our world-view pervades everything you do and think as a modern globalized human, so therefore you should learn Danish (and with it the other Scandinavian dialects) - but alas you wont - you'd rather spend time on modern commercial 'know me, buy me, love me, use me'-consumer-culture, and well ... o.k. o.k. ... (Danish culture now a days show the same tendencies: up and coming-people would rather speak English altogether, even knowing that English just forms a bad dialect of Danish) ... so o.k. .... Wotan Thor & Frey Wisdom Mankind Manhood
Or you might have found your 'right way of interest': hobby-wise, religious wise, political wise, philosophical-wise or otherwise. - And also o.k. - the Asatru does not favour conversions and do only look down on other belief-systems when comparing their results to those of our own. - Ho! - Somewhere we got lucky ...

However you turn the dial: Scandinavia has the highest living standards on this small planet, the highest level of education, democracy, peace, happiness and prosperity and so many other of the wonderful, magical gift from Frey & Freya - the Vana-gods reigning even long before Odin and the Asa-gods came to our realms. - It goes back a long time ... so whatever your propaganda told/tells you, our gods (or 'higher good') have won and will still win that silly little competition called 'Champions of the World'.


The Mercurial/Hermetic World-View

Perhaps we got lucky in the times where the 7 day week and its gods globalized, the people down south (who still struggles with unstable societies, poverty, hatred, low education and such 'lokeries') took Tor (Zeus, Jupiter) as the highest of them all, whereas the Nordic peoples at once saw Odin (Hermes, Mercury) as the highest - and had room enough for them all (even the Old Ones).

Thus knowledge, knavery, science and unpredictability (and a good portion of humour and non-absolute, non-authorian world-view) became our highest focus (whilst still respecting the young, foolish but good-hearted, honest brutal fighter Tor - that turned into the world-conquering papal Catholicism that we soon left with the Reformation.)

We soon found the white Christ, and our pact with God through Luther secured us a sin-free relaxed religion, much as the old Tradition, where you did not find any forced article of faith nor any 'forbidden' thing to eat or drink ... if you do not like this or that god, well go like that other god of your own choice or do not believe in the Gods if you like ... 

Actually the Danish word 'tro' means both: 'faith', 'belief', 'something supposed' and: 'faithful', 'true to', 'adherent', 'subscriber to' ... and this meaning most ethnic Asatru finds in the word 'tru': faithful to the old ways, the old myths and stories, the songs, the gods our ancestry ... ASATRO

Odin and his two Ravens,
Hugin and Munin
(: Mind and Memory)

Wotan with Hugin & Munin -


Asa-tru through the ages

And all through the centuries the vana- and asa-tru survived intact and livingly developing. Some of our greatest Christian forefathers (such as the always mentioned N.F.S. Grundtvig) also worked seriously as great 'godir' or asa-tru spiritual leaders. - So how did this come around? Well, the Asatru does actually have no articles of 'faith' but comes only as 'knowledge' through 'songs' and poetry - serious, funny and teaching. - So no clash with doctrines and articles of faith - just some old stories that easily translates into good Christianity, Mosaics yea even Islamic morals.

So every century since writing and public announcement through diverse media has had its Edda-revivals or rather Edda formulations. The greatest of them all - no: the first, when the smart latin-writing system got adopted, - Saemund the Wise, the Bishop who died, then woke on his bier and dictated the so-called 'Elder Edda'. - On lambskin-scribbled 'modern' sacralia the learned in the 12th Christian century wrote down the before the ice-ages old verbal traditions of song and fable, sung and told by the fires through those long, dark foreboding winter months of the North.

In the 20th Christian century the Danish Ministry of Culture commissioned a translation by the well-known and much-loved rather autodidact Danish poet, editor, antiquarian, astronomer, editor and other things, Thøger Larsen. Larsen had done 'Odin's Ravensong' (another old song not included in traditional 'canonical' versions of the 'Elder Edda') in a volume of poetry and by the help of the state-money he used the last two years of his short life to translate both the 'Elder Edda' and the 'Younger Edda' - they appeared in the year of Thøger Larsen's death 1928.

In the black years of nazism and war most Scandinavians kept free of the German flirtations with our traditional songs and stories. As anyone could read in Thøger's easy and stylish poetic rendering, racial hatred of any kind including male supremacy does have no stronghold, nay has not any significant position in the Northern tradition - on the contrary.

Of course other learned men did translations - many retold the old songs in modern words as poets around here have always done and still does, and with the motor-century the old gods and their crazy stories came forth dressed in cartoon-media and movies (the very popular Danish 'Valhalla'-series by Peter Madsen) and in Rock'n'Roll. - Enter the scene:


However, we do this for fun, but plan to end up on a rather stylish level of what we consider good taste - so bear with us where we falter, send mails with any idea, suggestion or correction. We do not plan to translate the vast content we have amalgamated here. Well ... we haven't got the time ourselves and wouldn't give so much money to that project as the money stands right now (2001 e.v.).

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