The Games


Front Speakers MEM 4.4 Trax 1-2 


Fourth Movement Part Four:

Rear Speakers MEM 4.4 Trax 3-4 


Back Speakers MEM 4.4 Trax 5-6 

If Sense - then Freedom
Sitting 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.5
in 6 Fields

by 12 Edges

at 8 Corners

- whilst eclipsing Saturn & Jupiter


He stood, and measured the Earth:
He beheld, and drove asunder the Nations.

TransActionTranscript (TAT)

In North-Bull Silence General Bartzabel (325) felt the burden of the Tzaphon (226) Northern Wing commander in the Bedroom, the Toilet, the Living Room, the Kitchen & the Dinning Room.