The Games


Front Speakers MEM2.4 Trax 1-2 


Second Movement Part Four:

Rear Speakers MEM2.4 Trax 3-4 


Back Speakers MEM2.4 Trax 5-6 

Trying to screw me? Why me?
Laying 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.5
in 20 Fields

over 30 Edges

round 12 Corners

- whilst eclipsing Venus & Mercury  


Thou didst march through the Land in thine indignation:
thou didst thresh the Heathen in thine anger.

TransActionTranscript (TAT)

Captain Graphiel (325) lay on the Kitchen Coach sampling  the Thesis by Chairman Tharsis (770) on the WestMan Daring Little finger, Index finger, Long finger, Ring finger & Thumb.