The Games


Front Speakers MEM1.4 Trax 1-2 


First Movement Part Four:

Rear Speakers MEM1.4 Trax 3-4 


Back Speakers MEM1.4 Trax 5-6 

Cattle Mutilation Knap & Howe
Walking 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.5
in 8 Fields

over 12 Edges

round 6 Corners

- whilst eclipsing Mars & Earth  


He bowed the Heavens also and came down:
and darkness was under his feet:
at the Brightness that was before him thick clouds passed:
hailstones and flashes of fire!

TransActionTranscript (TAT)

Captain Graphiel (325) stayed in bed and read the Book by 5 Star General Raphiel (311) on the "EastEagelly Knowing Hand, Knee, Heart, Foot and Ear"