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 SunShine's Songs Opus # 1-22 & fin


The Watery Landscape

Songs of Rivers; Wall-wakening's-Day; Water-watch; High Crossfield; Way-day; Words and What; Flow-Soul; He and She is Me; Face-water's Embrace; For My Son


The Wary Landscape

Now Time; Don't You Crawl; Revolution; So You Think; Frustration; St. Bloodpool Lane; Freeways of Reality; In Times of War


Your Savings Done

I Must Fly; A Hard Road; The Words; Just by Grasping; Really Like Leaves; Some ones are Telling; To You and Me; Mirror Mission; All I can Say; This Song (To Aunt Hanna); The Last Will


S.S. Realities / Yesteryears

Take me Back; Apple-Song; Sighs of the Future; Patterns; The Angle I am; Down in the Camp; The Four-legged Heart; See it When You Ride; The Thief; A Young Lad


Times, Peoples & Places

Spirituous Indigo; The Bowler Hat; The Blind-passagering Mice; The Highwaymen; Festival Market; The Automobile; Vancouver Hoover; Zar; Dreams; Poly Q; The Woodmen; The Phænix and the Turtle


Boys & Girls

Rock'n'Roll Baby; Little Ones; Boys & Girls; Younger Girl; And She Said; Mariane; If You ever been Lonely; Weasel-Skin Patrick; Some kind of Lady; Post Romance; Pre Romance



 Posing; Is to be; Script Act; The Lost and it's Cost; Excuse Me; The He, the She, Their We; How to Think; Sight-seeing in the Tight-Being; Gone Home; Open Morning


L Over Love

What the Lovers Lacked ; What the Lovers Laid; What the Lovers Left; What the Lovers Lighted; What the Lovers Learned; What the Lovers Loved; What the Lovers Liked


Nothing but Oranges

Nothing but Oranges; Ether; The Marmalade; Spotted Paint in the Hall; The Casual Copyist; The Pneumatic Blues; Timeries; Omens in the Sky; The Professional Earth-Plantation; Lasted: Last Orange-Hymn


Reach Out

Reach Out; Could/Can I Need You; Star-Compass; (The Wheel of) Could, Should and Would; The Ready Flower / Will You Know Me?; Dwellingly by Tellingly Try; Soul-Shine; Hoist the Flag; The Land, Lamb & Lamppost a,b,c:; a: Willow Willi Pillow; b: Gleam; c: End


United Worlds of Society

As for This; Stand; There; Using; Here; Waiting; And Doing; As for That



For my Baby; Couple-Carriage; Trad.; City at Heart; Be Mine; I Love You Too; Left Over; Some People; SunShine; Joy of Love


The Boat We Row

Sub-Love; Love Love Love; Love Song (Present/Past); Ever-Ways Loving; Linked'n'Lovely; By how it was Made; Invitation Song; Children; The Boat We Row; Goodbye Song


Gettin' Gotten

Home'n'Love; Minded on; To Find Love; Where will it go?; Party Love-In; Gettin' Gotten; What Love Is; Communication ; Mystified; Really the Deal


Singling Ping

Safe and Secure; Coming Home; Doggy-Woggy; Riddly Rattly le Singling Ping; After All; Heart-Ache; That's When You Love; Time to Tell; Summer Song; To Start the End 


Rock'n'Roll Bystand

Let Me Know; It's It; Time to Love; I Would be Your Time; No Words to an Easy Tune; And Then; Baby-Roll; By Your Side; Honey Moon Spoon; Rock'n'Roll Bystand


Breaking Day

Workingman's Love Ode; A Friend; Youngly; The Sack; My Loved One; Looking Back; Then Came Love; Breaking Day; Love Past Love; Me and My Love


Love near Love

Questioner's Quest; I Will Wait for You; To be True; Husband's Subhand; Heaven to Me; Lilli Willi Billi Rock; To Eat You Whole; What You Want; Looking, Searching, Asking; Take my Loving


Days & Days & Others

A Love so Strong; Many Men; The Needing Call; A Pleasant Time; Days and Days; The Open Song; Sunny Kisses; Sunshine Weather; Little Loving Ease; Lady Grey; All in Love


What They Sing / Soap-Bubbles

In This I love You; The Calling Change; Contemplation; And When; Dance With Me; You Know that You Should; Love at First Sight; The Rime of Love; Soap-Bubbles; Hurry Home


Lovelights Shine in Time

Distant Love; Times Done; Love In; Who? The!; Alone; Rockin' Rhythm; With Your; Flirt; Over All; Lights Shine



The Dustbin Ballad ; Munchio Dis-ex-desperato's Song ; The Confessions of the Bluesy Blackeye; Thief's Knife ; Blasty's Bleeding, Brother; Poor Sackin' Wilsburn; La gloire d'un Hound-Dog; The Transfigured Murderer; The Whaling Ex-Wife and Widow; Final remarks; Reprise: The Other DustBin Ballad