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A Rock'n'Roll singing man,    
A younger girl keeps a-calling me up    
Ainít got no money    
All I can say is soon I will see All I can Say Your Savings Done Opus 3 #
All in love and laying on the fat side, All in Love  
All the possibilities    
Always Iíve heard    
And now when you want my love,    
And our love will grow    
And she said with a smile And she said Boys & Girls
And the sun did shine    
And when you say that you mind    
And willow way    
And you find out    
And you know it too,    
Any way to you now seems in lock    
As for that I shanít be knowing    
As I walked down St. Bloodpool Lane    
Asked my little baby-doll    


Baby let me love you    
Baby now donít you know your knowing? Baby-Roll Rock'n'Roll Bystand Opus 16 #
Babyís coming home,    
Building up soon done    
By the sea - fishing me - tonight    


Children catching butterflies itís summer    
Come and run the rush is for the Market Square    
Contemplation of clear meditation!    


Days and days Iíve wanted you    
Donít get anywhere around no way    
Donít you,    
Down in the camp-valley there,    
Dreams might once be seen,    


Evening time some drink some wine    
Ever from the first time I saw you, I loved you    
Every time I cross a river Daddy    
Every time I hold you    
Everyone got up to get it,    
Excuse me - excuse me    


Finding no way I let out for the sun    
Flow river flow,    
Frustration goes a long, long way Frustration  


Give me your, give me your dreams    
Going to love you now    
Got all you want to give you,    


Hand in hand    
Have you seen the little ones today?    
He was a young lad    
He who have seen will be able to tell us    
Hey, you could try, reaching out on the wall,    
Hoist the flag    
How could I know    
Hurry home my love    


I am the thief with the magic ring;    
I do want to be by your side, dear    
I donít know just-a where to take you
I donít know where to go
I have often said
I love you - and itís all true
I love you too
I love you, you love me,
I say itís nearing,
I turned the wheel to know you
I want to be an artist - yeah, Apple-song S.S. Realities/Yesteryears Opus 4 #
I will wait for you
Iíll see the sun rise
Iím the preacher of the man in the hall!
Iíve been all around
Iíve got the pneumatic blues,
If you ever been lonely
In the dreams that
In the morning eyes I glimmer,
In this I love you
In time for me
In times of war King Guna
It seems these days to me,
Itís a hard road
Itís no mystery that I love you
Itís no way to let people say,


Jail is very concrete these days    
Just by grasping    


Knowing your love    


Let me know the way    
Let the bird of loudest lay,    
Like mirrors singing    
Lilli Willi Billi Rock A to start    
Little doggy-woggy came down the street    
Longing for your touch,    
Love came true one day - Iím happy love    


Many men will love you,    
Moona-luna twilight scissors,    
Morning eyelids    
Morning is fine    
My baby calls me now,    
My love I love to love with you!    
My man he brought me joy,    


Now Iím dancing wild with you    
Now itís time to love,    
Now just to hold you    
Now the time    
Now time    
Now what will you do? I tell you    


Oh no, no, no donít think itís easy    
Ohw waua - whau what a day    
On and on I run!    
Once upon a time I said    
Orange-cry from behind,    


Pailing day    
Papa wore blue. Mama wore red    
Party-time my babyís there    
Patterns of what I am    
Posing for a picture    
Prettily - but soon Iíll have to go,    


Questions all rising the tide;    


Reach out - youíre a full-grown anything,    
Reach out, reach out, reach to someone near,    
Reaching for your love    
Riding cross-time high,    
Riding for to pay you more    
Roses on your way-day suckeries      
Round about circle fly    


Said was all I knew    
Saw Mariane    
Saw you flying in the whirl-pool-show   Nothing but Oranges Opus 9 #
See the girls when theyíre taking their bath    
She came down to be his Russian scarf,    
She walks these isles    
She went to love me    
She will fill my longing heart,    
Sheíd wait beneath the light    
Should I set for the nearest mountain here?    
Sighs of the future    
Since my baby left me    
Singing songs of love, my friend    
Sit right down and tell me now    
Slum sweetie now pass the bottle,    
Smiley eyes sought deep in love,    
So drowsy now I could sleep,    
So you think you need me    
Some kind of lady    
Some lights shine all through the evening    
Some ones are telling    
Some would call it flying    
Someone lent you a friendly ear, hearing A Friend Breaking Day Opus 17 #
Someone met you in the open air,    
Sometimes made it    
Sometimes thinking, Iíll have to get it out    
Spinning round - every tear you create    
Spotted Paint in the Hall    
Sun shone seeing on our wall,    


Take me back    
Take me back, I canít bear the pain    
Taking my eyes through the strangulated mass,    
Tell me time, why do you pass?    
Ten miles in the distance    
That Iím lucky, donít repeat it, baby    
The Automobile is an un-in-habitual man,    
The Boss came down in his flash-fast car,    
The eyes of the sheep would blink    
The kneeling of judgement    
The peanut-butter will fill your head    
The rain was falling    
The trees they grow so high,    
The words that I use the most    
Thereís the place where we wash the tomb    
They gave him a mystery source    
This baby wants you girl    
Through their night black and grey,    
Throughout seven days    
Time to tell us not to rest    
Time would always let you by    
Trying to make it, trying to break it,    
Turning on to homeínílove   homeínílove    


Vancouver Hoover hoist the seize of the sound-box, Vancouver Hoover  
Voyage context of willingly wanting    


Waiting on the highway    
Walking in your woods,    
We would wait here till the end of time
Weasel-skin Patrick powered his habituť
Well can you use it,
Well now times we had are gone
Went into a town full of whiskey and bars
What a thrill I had
ĎWhat did íya pay for yíer knife?í, he said
What is love for you and me?
What you want say it loud,
Wheels of vanish
When I was a little boy
When I wrote you a letter love,
When you call me
Where did the highwaymen sleep?
Where will it go and go?
Who will have to wait for you
Why should I love you still
Will I need you?
Will my longing bring me
Will she see me?
Will you take me back to you my darling?
Will you take my love?
Will you take my loving?
Wish I could hold you
Wish I were down home, again
With my four-legged heart


You are riding the horse of this song    
You know I want you    
You said you would want me true    
You turn back from the golden hours,    
You will have known me    
You would always be mine,    


Zar, Zar, Zar Zar